Your business takes up a lot of your time, energy and focus. We can help secure your physical location, monitor entrances and exits, and keep an eye on the risk of theft from within and without your facility. Click here for an overview of our business security services.

We Are Design and Installation Experts

When reviewing business security systems in Atlanta, be comforted in the fact that Security Services of Georgia is led by someone with plenty of construction knowledge. John Dunning was a homebuilder before going into the security business, and can help you design a system to fit into your existing building or your new construction.

Protect Your People

Our security system processes include:

  • Camera monitoring of access doors and gathering spaces
  • Fire/smoke monitoring
  • Access control systems
  • Camera monitoring of interior spaces

Should a machine suffer catastrophic failure or a fire break out, your employees depend on you to make smart security decisions. Investing in the top-notch business security systems in Atlanta as designed by Security Systems of Georgia increases the chance that, no matter the emergency, all your employees are safe.

Not all workplace disasters are machine related. Workplace violence is a concern for any employer, and with well-placed security camera installation in Atlanta, you can monitor parking lots, delivery areas, and any other area where a troubled employee might do damage.

Protect Your Proprietary Secrets

With our quality keypads and electronic cards, you can allow some employees into restricted areas while keeping others out. For the best business security in Atlanta, our access control systems can protect your people and your company secrets.

With the help of our quality security company in Atlanta, you can establish a security level ranking for your employees and issue ID cards or entrance badges that will enable you to track employees, limit access to particular areas of your business, and monitor and control which employees use which access doors.

Protect Your Work Environment

Properly placed security cameras installation in Atlanta facilities can help you monitor employee working conditions. Not only can you check for theft, a frustrating problem for too many employers, but if a machine failure or water leak makes an area of your company unsafe, you can stop employee accidents before they happen with a closed circuit TV feed offered by the best security company in Atlanta.

Protect Your Clients

Whether your clients enter your business to shop directly from shelves or meet with a salesperson, purchasing the best business security systems in Atlanta will keep your customers safe. Quality business security in Atlanta means easy access to emergency support, whether you need the fire department, police or paramedics. At the end of the day, everyone who enters your place of business will be well-served by your decision to hire the best security company in Atlanta.

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We have a long history of providing quality business security in Atlanta. Whether you need smoke detectors, door access codes, or security camera installation in Atlanta, we can help you protect your employees, customers, inventory and machinery.

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