Access Control Systems in Atlanta

Access control systems protect your Atlanta business by allowing you to determine specific areas where employees or other authorized people are allowed to enter. This authorization can help you protect valuable equipment, maintain precise controls on inventory, or restrict access to sensitive information. Click here for an overview of our business security services.

How Access Control Systems Work

State-of-the-art access control systems in Atlanta utilize keypads or electronic swipe cards to allow employees access into the building or into separate areas within the business facility. Data is stored and is easily retrieved allowing you to verify where your employees are at all times.


Security Services of Georgia’s highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians will professionally install your access control systems in Atlanta, train you in its use, and test all units to ensure they are running properly. Some systems can be tied to your surveillance cameras, which can give you an added level of security. These recordings can be useful in investigating any suspicious activity tied to key-card use.


Detailed reporting allows you to monitor the location of your employees as they move throughout the building. You may choose to have your employees use the access control system when they exit specific areas as well as enter so you can determine how long they spend in a particular area, or who is still in the building. If you are away from your business often, you may choose to have access via your mobile device so you are always informed about your employees’ status.

Superior Customer Service in the Atlanta Area

Security Services of Georgia, which has been serving the Atlanta metropolitan area for almost 20 years, takes particular care in building relationships with their clients. Their service model is consultative; working together to determine your specific requirements and needs, Security Services of Georgia will ensure that clients are completely satisfied with the entire experience, from planning and design, to implementation, training, monitoring, and servicing your new system.

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